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Semi Pro XVI, Rematch, tirsdagsbowl
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Blood Eagles

gate: 19 000
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Bloab Rotterspawned dead

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Ol' Bar Peanuts

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The 90's
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Botched Bubblebutt
Sustained Injuries
-1 MA
victim regenerated

victim healed by apoth
Lust the Dust dead
Result added July 28th, 2020

Match notes
In this new matchup between the forces of chaos, I am sure people expected to see Borak again, but he was not hired by the Blood Eagles this match. Making it the first match he's been out. Instead they opted to hire a mercenary Bloodthirster!
The coach claims that although it wasn't a safer bet, it was definitely cheaper. Allowing for a bribe and a babe to calm the eyes in the bench.
It all started really well, for the Blood Eagles, winning the toss, and starting the offence with a sideline blitz, taking out a nurgle bloater standing too close to the sidelines.
Unknown to them, the rotter Bloab had brought a cold steel battle-axe to the field, and in round two, he charged the Bloodthirster, sending it straight to the KO box. Allowing their wanna-be gutter runner, 90's, to steal the ball.
As the nurgle team was nearing the touchdown line, the 7's were pushing each other around, until the Korne player got the upper hand, and sent the rotter to meet his final doom.
If it was the fact that the Khorne team he had played for was in trouble, or if it was the fact that he was left in the stands, replaced by a mere merc rolling in the ko box, Borak came onto the field dead drunk from ale and bloodlust.
(I think it's all ogre card, Borak mini proxy).
He got the ball loose in a lightning blitz, and turned the last rounds of first half into a cesspool of mud and bloody knuckles. Ending it 0-0 at halftime.

Second half had everyone wondering what was going on. Nobody had dared to remove Borak from the pitch. And he definitely carried the Blood Eagles, while the bloodthirster was missing. Now both were on the field!

A perfect defense made things even worse for the poor sickly fellows, who lost the ball on turn two of the second half. Boraks firewater finally got to him, and he failed a bonehead in round 5, finally allowing the nervous crew to drag him off the pitch. The commotion allowed the Herald Helheim to run in a score.

The rest of the second half was mostly spent attempting to throw glory passes, but Ol' Bar peanuts did managed to score what appeared to be a kill on Haarek, Fortunately the apothecary managed to reverse the damage.
One crazy match indeed.

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