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Semi Pro XVI, Tirsdagsball, Outland
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Blood Eagles

gate: 24 000
1 TD score 2
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Low-tier Gods


TD Scorers
The 90's
The 90's
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Sent off

fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers


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The 90's
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Ol' Bar Peanuts
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Result added July 21st, 2020

Match notes
24000 fans met up to watch today's game. Or at least they came to watch Low Tier Gods murder the Khorne opposition. There were only a few specs of red in sea of green. Not too strange, considering the Blood Eagles were almost pitch cleared by halflings in one of their last matches?
It's true that Khorne don't care from where the blood flows, but the fans sure do!
Borak the Defiler whom was induced, took out a heavily armored boater, first block of the match, and they, the khorne disciples, kept the nurgle beast in the stands for almost one and a half.. half. They did not have much ball control however, and although they got a score in the first push, the Nuglate, 90's, were sure there to coach them of how it's done. He's playing with an injury which would put most players in retirement, but it's not slowed him down one bit. The Khornates second push devolved into a long drawn out mashpit of tentacles and mud, as both teams clashed near the sidelines. The ball got tossed in, and although Beowulf, the Blood Eagle tried to put some tacklezones on that ball, it did not prevent the nurgle goats from clearing it, and running it in for a two-gfi second touchdown in the very last 16th turn!

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