Match result

Season XII, Two - Destruction
Team badge
Bowl Brothers

gate: 25 000
1 TD score 3
cas score
Team badge
Bardu Bengals


TD Scorers
Chris Walkens
Chris Walkens
Chris Walkens
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

profile Mecharun
Badly Hurt'ers
George mcBrewski Bounty (120000 gp)
Chris Walkens
George mcBrewski Bounty (120000 gp)
Leebron Jenkins

George mcBrewski Bounty (120000 gp)
Leebron Jenkins
fans / random event
Completions by
Donald Rump
Donald Rump
Dwight Spock Johnson
Donald Rump
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

MVP awards to
David Steakham
Sustained Injuries

Niggling Injury

Hirr dead
victim healed by apoth
Result added March 22nd, 2018

Match notes
Bardu Bengals win the cointoss and starts with a kick. It's high. The Bowl Brothers quickly gets the ball to a runt ready for flying, and Swashcut is thrown by Embermaw for a first turn TouchDown.

And then it goes bad.. Bowl Brothers sneak on Hirr as a twelft player, but Leebron Jenkins knows his countin' and quickly sorts out the problem, by killing Hirr.

Aiming for revenge, Embermaw throws Ken'n'Rogers towards the squashy humies.. The aim is not too god though, and the runt hits the team leader Tealy fatally instead. Luckily the team apothecary managed to save his life, but he was shortly after put out of action for the rest of the match through a badly hurtin humie hit.

By the looks ov'it, George mcBrewski and Leebron Jenkins discovered an interest for kickin' runts, resulting in a whopping 7 cas score for the humies.
After getting rid of the runts, the bone-head ogres were no match for the nimble, but strong Chris Walkens, getting da TD three times, resulting in da win.

and, oh, Angerlust refused to blitz 5 times during the match.. wonder why, was he hungry? or not?

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