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Semi Pro XVI, BBtrening4
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50 Blades of Grey

gate: 18 000
1 TD score 0
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Badly Hurt'ers
Rokreras Duskstriker
fans / random event

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Licrunnan Hellblade
Sustained Injuries
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mercenary / star

Pompel To retired
Niggling Injury
Result added September 30th, 2020

Match notes
Today's match started well for the Makhai. They won the coin toss, and spent 10k to hire Eldril the star player. The goblins were quick and rearranged their defense after kickoff. But Eldril managed to catch the ball, and they looked to have a quick 2 turn score.
However, being the star of the show, he was appealed at the thought of sharing the glory with the other elves, and decided to rather not have the ball at all, instead of passing down the line.
This was a recurring thing during the match. Eldril could not toss a two if his life depended on it.
The teams were at a complete stand off for most of the game. With players being removed on both sides, although most were nothing worse than knockouts.
Turn 6, round two; was the turning point. Where Baktus managed to throw the ball to number eight, who could run out of range from all but one elf. The witch elf failed her go for it, and the goblins got the score 1-0.

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