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Semi Pro XVI, Balkongball
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no custom badge
Howling Banshees

gate: 27 000
4 TD score 0
cas score
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no custom badge
Low-tier Gods


Pink Slips
Val Hella
Sin Claire
Sin Claire
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers
Tik "The Viral" Tok
Serious Injurers


Wanda Lust
Sin Claire
Completions By
The 90's
Interceptions By

Wanda Lust
MVP awards to
Ol' Bar Peanuts
Sustained Injuries
Bloab Rotterspawned dead
Result added October 11th, 2020

Match notes
The Nurgle team seemed quite rusty this Sunday. And not in a good way. They did just not seem to be their disgusting selves, and could not bash through the Banshees' thick skin. Perhaps due to too much bloating after sitting benched for a fair few weeks.

It did not help, that the little ladies lucked out with everything they tried this match. Even opening the match with a Blitz. Suspect there has been some secret sacrifices to Nuffle. Two bled halflings and a chicken at least.

Two important players on the Nurgle team went off the field quite early.

Sin Claire, the Banshees' top scorer, had also grown an exceptionally big hand. Which made the ball impossible to guard while lying on the field. She kept stealing the show as usual. The only time the blue ladies seemed to have a bit of trouble was when Wanda Lust lusted for the ball, in order to work on her passing game. She definitely needs to get some sure hands, as she struggled significantly before managing to lob that ball up the lines.

Although an impressive, 4-0 score. It did not make for much of a suspenseful game. Lets cross our fingers that the pus-ridden fellows manage to turn their luck around 'til next time.

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